Artmex V6 – Combination Permanent Make-up (PMU) & Microneedling (MTS) – with 10 needles


15.00 USD

The Artmex system provides the semi permanent makeup practitioner with the state-of-the-art computerized technology. It is the preferred system for permanent make-up artists as it is ideal tattooing eyebrows, eyelids, lips, and covering up scars and old tattoos.


  • Large LCD screen
  • Smooth and quiet, yet powerful rotary motor
  • Comfortable and light weight pen allows for continuous agility in prolonged session
  • Preset needle frequency for specific procedure, i.e. eyebrows, eyeliners, lips semi permanent makeup procedures
  • Adjustable 10 levels of speed control
  • Adjustable needle puncture depth
  • Keeps track of total usage time for proper maintenance


Artmex v6 Specifications:

  • Item Type: Permanent Make-up & Micro-needle Therapy Device
  • Input voltage: 110-220V+/-10%
  • Working Frequency: 95-145/Sec
  • Weight: Approx.860g
  • Size: Approx.247mm * 190mm * 76mm

Package List:

  • 1 x Artmex Host Body
  • 1 x Artmex Handpiece
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 2 x Cables
  • 5 x PMU Needles
  • 5 x MTS Needles