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Direct high frequency increases activity of the skin in the basal canal

  • Anti-inflammatory effects, sterilization, acne treatment, acne promote healing
  • Inhibition of bacterial growth.
  • Treatment and prevention of acne.
  • Promotes lymphatic and blood circulation.
  • Improves cell regeneration.
  • Refines skin texture and improves skin defenses against bacteria.
  • It has a germicidal and antibacterial effect, due to ozone formation.
  • Limits sebaceous secretions, drying and healing pustular infection.
  • The impurities are released by the dilation of skin pores.
  • Improves lymphatic and venous blood circulation.
  • Produces a greater skin texture, the oil and moisture balance.
  • Since there is no action of polarity or chemistry with this current, the chemical products do not drive on the skin.


This high frequency facial machine is a portable professional skin care device used to treat skin conditions such as acne.

It is more powerful than traditional handheld devices, but is still portable enough to move from room to room.

As is the case with high frequency instruments, treatment with this device is completely painless. Comes with four electrodes to treat the fase and the body.