13.99 USD

Lescolton 3 in 1 laser hair removal machine. Compared to another popular model. This model uses the high level quartz lamp for hair removal. so you have much more fash times

  • Applicable: Working voltage of 100 -240V, suitable for all countries in the world.
  • Permanent: IPL works inside the pores, destroys the hair papilla and achieves permanent hair removal.
  • Long Life: Quartz hair remover lamp with longer usage time and durable use.
  • Pain free: Five energy levels optimum adjustable according to skin tolerance. Provide gentle treatment painlessly and easily, without damaging the skin. LED light clearly shows the power level.
  • Safe: Does not influence the normal secretion of sweat and sebum
  • Convenient: Portable design and easy to take.
  • Skin detection ability: The bright green LED illuminates when unit is ready to work.

Technical specifications:

  • Name: Home Pulsed Light
  • Model: T-0091
  • Plastic material
  • Colour: White and gold
  • Input: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power: Voltage: 24V 1.5*
  • Flash: 300000 times
  • Area: 42cm2
  • Size: 182*78*151mm/7.17*3.07*15.1 inches
  • Package size: 225*190*90mm/8.94*7.48*3.54in