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Ultrasonic Deep Face Skin Pore Cleaning Device.

Blackhead Removal Device The Exfoliating Paddle Scrubber Cleans

deep into the skin.

The principle of ultrasonic facial shovel machine is introduced:

  • Mechanical action: 3 million times per second mechanical vibration, make the function of each part with vibration, be a unique therapeutic massage, high cell metabolism, improve cell vitality. Promotes blood circulation, improves skin nutrition, reddens the skin, increases flexibility.
  • Warm effect: warm effect of ultrasound caused by impaired blood vessel function and metabolic process, can make blood circulation, cell excitement is reduced, flabby skin convulses, brings solutions for cramps.
  • Chemistry: ultrasound has to strengthen the role of catalysis, speed up metabolism. You can make changes in alkaline pH. For penetration, improve sterilization ability.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: ABS
  • White color
  • Output Frequency: 7W
  • Output voltage: DC 15V.
  • Power supply: 110-
  • 220V DC Power
  • Dimension: 19x6x3cm
  • Cable length: approx. 1.7m.