78,90 USD

Twin Stim Plus 3rd Edition is a TENS/EMS/IF/Russian four channel combinational unit. The unit offers the user a choice of 14 adjustable modes between four different electrical stimulation waveforms and can be powered by 4 AA batteries or by the AC adapter. Twin Stim Plus Third Edition can be used for acute or chronic pain, muscle atrophy, and rehabilitation or toning and unit muscle strengthening includes an adjustable timer, safety span cap, a heavy-duty belt clip, and a Quick Start Guide to assist the user with the unit. The twin Stim Plus 3rd Edition can be used with 2 to 8 electrodes at a time. The Patient Compliance Meter can store up to 6 sets of operational records (a total of 999 hours). Therefore, whether your pain is coming from the nerves, muscles, or tissues of the TENS / EMS / IF / Russian Twin 3rd Edition unit of Twin Stim Plus, is an effective solution

Technical specifications:

  • It has currents: TENS and EMS, Interferential and Russian,
  • This device has four output channels,
  • Independent intensity controls for channel
  • The intensity controls are protected with a cover to prevent accidental changes
  • Mode: TENS, Burst, Normal, Modulated, SD1, SD2
  • Mode: EMS Constant, Synchronized, alternated.
  • Interferential: Normal, M (Modulation) and M1 (Modulation 1)
  • Russian: Normal, M (Modulation) and M1(Modulation 1)
  • EMS Contraction Time: 1 to 90 seconds (adjustable from 1enl)
  • EMS Relaxation Time: 1 to 90 seconds (adjustable from 1 enl)